Once a week I will post a few INSANITY moves from the upcoming INSANITY-along...is that even a word?
Quick Workout Tips!

Never workout on an empty stomach. Your body requires fuel!

Plan your workouts. Put them on your calendar so you don't get distracted.

Drink plenty of water. Make water your new best friend!

Find a class or activity that you LOVE and wouldn't skip out on.
Crystal H
Founder, Trained By Crystal
Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, I spent a lot of time on Lake Michigan.

Now that I'm in the DC area, I've fallen in love with fitness all over again.

I lost 30 pounds and wanted to share with the world how I effortlessly keep it off.

I'm an AFAA certified INSANITY and Zumba instructor. I regularly teach 3 classes per week and wish to extend my energy and reach to those who can use an extra push!
Featured Workouts
Weekly workouts webinars will be available soon.
You will receive recommended playlists, aps and moves. We will party though a proper warmup, workout and cooldown. Safety and Proper form are our top priorities.


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